Ligeti 100 | Máté Pozsár: Ligeti Special 6 (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Máté Pozsár - piano, synthesizer, compositions
  • Dániel Váczi - glissotar (glissonic tárogató), sopranino saxophone
  • Gergő Kováts - baritone saxophone
  • Dániel Cseke - tenor saxophone
  • Ernő Hock - double bass
  • Zsolt Sárvári Kovács - drums

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Máté Pozsár is a prominent figure in Hungarian improvisational music. He has assembled this band especially for the 100th anniversary of Ligeti's birth. The ensemble's musical concept is based on themes by György Ligeti and the musical systems found in the composer's works. Ligeti Special 6 draws its inspiration from simple pieces, written primarily for solo instruments, whose inner musical coherence – melodic, formal, rhythmic and other characteristics – make them particularly suitable for creative collective improvisations.

This is how Ligeti described these compositional methods:
“In 1951 I began to experiment with very simple pitch and rhythmic structures (...) I gave myself tasks such as what I could do with a single note, its octave transpositions, what I could do with a single interval, two intervals, certain rhythmic relationships (...). I have entered the realm of subtle sonorities, which form an intermediate range between sound and noise: the intricate interweaving of sounds obscures and blurs them.”
“In my works, one can certainly detect constructions, even speculative systems (...) The possibility of construction is already foreshadowed by the primitive idea, and the compositional process is primarily an unfolding of this hidden possibility.”

Pozsár Máté: Ligeti Special 6 attempts to articulate an improvisational process where musicians together unfold the possibilities inherent in György Ligeti's simple ideas, attempting to create sonorities that form an intermediate domain between sound and noise.

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