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Watch tonight's live stream here:
February 21. Sunday 7.30pm CET – Youtube link

Kurtág 95 Online Festival

Budapest Music Center is celebrating György Kurtág on the occasion of his 95th birthday with the Kurtág 95 online festival between February 18–21, 2021. Kurtág is considered to be one of the greatest contemporary composers whose unmistakably concise masterpieces capture infinity with only a handful of notes. The festival's four concert nights will be available as free online streams on BMC's website, and on the websites of the festival's partners, Müpa Budapest and the Liszt Academy of Music.

Kurtág 95 full program
Please click on the concert links below to see the live stream

February 18 from 19:30 CET
Meeting of Generations: Ligeti – Kurtág – Eötvös

February 19 from 19:30 CET
Petite musique solennelle – Birthday Concert for György Kurtág

February 20 from 19:30 CET
Messages and Games – Scenes from the lives of György and Márta Kurtág

February 21 from 19:30 CET
Kurtág 95 – Szőllősy 100

Kurtág 95 is organized by Budapest Music Center.
Partners: Müpa Budapest, Liszt Academy of Music.
Supporter: EMMI Ministry of Human Resources

Photo: György Kurtág by István Huszti for BMC